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At Al’s and Sons Rendering we strive to offer the best services in relation to the cement rendering industry. We are continuously working with builders and architects from a high profile. We are one of the best and professional tradesmen of Cement rendering. We can renovate any new or existing home, pool, bathroom, fences etc giving it an extremely elegant and diverse look.

With all the services we have to offer we can guarantee excellent workmanship with our qualified tradesmen who will know every single detail in giving you the results your after. We have presented a look of our previous jobs in order to give you an insight about what elegance you can bring to your old and torn out walls in just a few steps.

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Cement rendering is the one solution that is available now for years and is verified to be one the most effective methods of protecting the interior /exterior looks of buildings and homes giving them a fresh new look. It has the procedure where a premixed plaster of cement, sand, and lime are applied over stone. The most important task of a professional cement-rendering expert is to prepare the surface; select the right mix to attain the desired rendering results and a smooth application. It is one of the most affordable and remarkably effective techniques and is now used as a popular technique of transferring walls all over Sydney. The previous techniques are now outdated and obsolete in operational value, thereby making new techniques and building materials that are used by our company optimum and value added options for our clients. These services add a unique and beautified outlook to the walls of your buildings; new or old combined. Our services can be used in several applications such as brick, blueboard and concrete. Our services can be customised to all personal requirements and at the same time allow for a fresh and complete finish.